Symmetrikit Chair

Sitting well is harder work than it looks. It takes effort to maintain a balanced position and if you can't do that, your chair has to do it for you. The summetrikit chair provides proper positioning for long term sitting and pressure relief. 

In addition to providing the support you need to help relax, your Symmetrikit chair can be quickly re-positioned for meal time, play or activities. 

The free standing table has a generous work surface and can be angled and rotated to suit your needs. 

It may be that you need just a bit of functional support , or it may be that you need something more complex. Either way, with our modular Symmetrikit chair, we can help by providing just the right amount of support for your needs.

Our chairs are available in 3 different sizes - all of which are adaptable to suit different needs. For a comparison of chair dimensions click Chair sizes.
We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and can arrange a free demonstration or assessment. Learn more...

Symmetrikit Chair