about hoggi

Since 2005 HOGGI has been developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative products for the Rehab Sector. Gregor Horacek, the founder, has been instrumental in the design and development of many of the children's rehab products that have come out of Germany for many years. Hoggi's sole focus is on mobility products for children and adolescents. High functionality and an attractive design distinguishes Hoggi's products. To guarantee constant improvement of products they communicate with parents, therapists, medical professionals all over the world. "Partnering together to mobilize kids" is their motto. Made in Germany represents the highest commitment to quality and safety standards, while keeping design and functionality at the forefront of each and every Hoggi product.  Hoggi's ongoing commitment and passion to continually evolve and perfect every day is what drives their development of exceptional solutions, setting Hoggi apart as a leader in their field.