Coolover Cushion Covers, Sheets and Air Mantle

How does it work?

Coolover® fabrics contain tiny Omnitherm® microcapsules which absorb excess heat when the body is warm and release it back when the body cools - helping to maintain a more even temperature for a better night's sleep...
..and because these 'clever' capsules are embedded in the fibres they get closer to the skin to offer the most effective, 'intelligent' temperature regulating fabric on the market!

CoolOver® and moisture

Excess moisture can cause discomfort and distress but with Coolover®, these issues can be alleviated due to it's unique structure. Coolover® is a 'denier-gradient' fabric which means it has a slightly different structure on the outside to the inside. Wider channels near the skin draw moisture away and evaporation occurs on the other side of the fabric.
This reduces the risk of respiratory distress, rashes and redness.
(CooloverTR3® cushion covers replace our earlier Safetysleep® products and can be fitted to any of our Lowzone® cushions).

We've also introduced a new vented sheet (show below) for those who require a little more ventilation.

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