The Hoggi Bingo Evolution Stroller comes standard with:

• 45 degrees tilt-in-space

• Tilt release handle located on seat back to control seat angle during adjustment

• Seat Weight capacity - 110 lbs.

• Bus transit system standard

• Can be set front or rear facing without tools 
• Height adjustable push handle
• Cargo basket standard
• Reclining back
• Compact folding design without the need to remove the seat

• Lock mechanism to hold the base folded
• Adjustable Seat depth, seat width, backrest height, and lower leg length

Three seat options give optimum selection.

XPS Seat: Designed for moderate to involved seating needs. The shorter back allows headrests to be mounted in front or behind the plane of the backrest.  Lateral pads provide aggressive positioning support and are adjustable from behind without transferring the child. Proper pelvic positioning is achieved with the use of a contoured wheelchair cushion and back.

XPS Plus: Seat Modular Positioning System allows customization
The same great XPS Seat with no back panels (open back canes) to mount modular or custom backs.

IUS Seat: Individual Upholstery System

MIld to moderate seating needs. Removable seat, back, head and laterals allow for easy customization in an aesthetically pleasing look.

The Cobra is developed especially as an indoor base with a 45° tilt mechanism and a continuous adjustable gas pressure spring for height adjustment.  

Hoggi Bingo Evolution Stroller